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Waterproof Flooring - Q and A

Q. The most asked Question - What does waterproof mean?
A. Surface water, spills and pet accidents will not affect the flooring or cause any damage. Any moisture that gets on the Floor will not be absorbed into the Plank or Tile.

Q. What is SPC Laminate?
A. SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite . A mixture of Limestone and Plastic Stabilizers that are mechanically pressed to form a very Durable and Stable core. Next, a vinyl top coat that has the color, pattern and texture. Last but not least is the top coating which is transparent, this is the wear layer. The wear layer makes the material resistant to scratches, stains and dents. This does not imply that gouges caused by any heavy sharp object dragged across the floor or a heavy sharp object dropped or any liquid like oil, gas would not cause damage. SPC is a popular long lasting flooring choice if used for its intended purpose.

Q. What is WPC Laminate?
A. WPC is a Wood Plastic Composite. The Engineered Backing is comprised of Recycled Wood Pulp and Plastic Composites mechanically Bonded Forming a strong and stable Plank or Tile.

Q. What is the Difference between WPC and SPC and are they really different?
A. The short answer is Yes. SPC is more Durable and overall is more Dense. This may allow a little more noise than the WPC but is a more resistant to Scratches and Dents. Where the WPC is slightly softer and a little quieter under foot.

Q. I see Three letter words sometimes in the description LVT and LVP. What so they stand for?
A. LVP is Luxury Vinyl Plank. LVP mostly imitates their Real Hardwood counterpart right down to the Species and Color. Some are very impressive, mimicking their grain and color. LVT is Luxury Vinyl Tile that looks like Stone or Ceramic Tile with outstanding colors and texture. Both are a less permanent and less expensive option that is becoming a very popular choice today.

Q. Is water resistant Flooring different from Waterproof?
A. Some Waterproof Laminates Are Moisture Resistant having a protection period of up 30 hours. These Planks have a compound added to the joints to prevent liquids from getting into the core.

Q. Can I use this type of Flooring in the Bath?
A. Yes, Especially in the bath. In the past Tile was used in the wet areas and Carpet or Wood in other areas. Vinyl and Waterproof Laminates have been dramatically improved for use in the Kitchen and Bath Areas. So don't worry about that overlooked wet towel or spilled milk.

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